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Dry Transfer

     Rubon dry transfer lettering by Chartpak, Letraset, FLS Discount Supplies, and Wilson Jones. A-Z alphebet labeling decals letters and numbers velvet touch sheets.  With caps and lowwer case letters come in a variety fonts, sizes, and in black white or gold.  Professional and standard grade available.  Professional grade dry transfer decals never peel off once applied.  The ink film resists cracking and damadge from normal studio handeling.  The dry transfer lettering and numbers can be blown up with minimal affect on definition and quality.  Preferred because there is no adhesive residue which in turn preserves the integrity of projects.

What industries use dry transfer lettering?

     Supplies are great in school, office, art studio, galleries, and home.  Excellent for labeling in drafting, graphic design, engeneering, pcb printed circuit bopard manufacturing, hobby projects, photography, doctors offices, science labratories, classrooms, and arts and crafts.

What types of projects are dry transfer letters used for?

     Rubon transfer letters and numbers are great for labeling artwork, files, binders, reports, books, films, and negatives.  Decals can be used to write on film, models, electronics, aiplanes, control panels, keyboards, appliances, and cars. Great for hobby project supplies to label and decal model ships, trains, buildings, and objects.  The white sheets are great for refurbishing or repairing old appliance dials, computer keyboard letters and numbers that have rubbed off from too much use, and controls.

What will dry transfer lettering and rubons stick to?

     The product will adhere to any smooth surface glass, film, window displays, acetate, plastics, paper, board, metal, wood, photos, artwork, and even liene and silk.

Want to know how to remove dry transfer letters and numbers?  

     In case there is an error in setting, it's easily removed with an earaser or adhesive masking tape.