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Magnifiers & Loupes, All by MFG

Magnifiers and loupes, or lupes, however you choose to spell it, are available from several different companies through FLS Discount Supplies.  Manufacturers we currently are distributors for are Carson Optical, Donegan Optical, Fred Levine Services / FLS , Peak Lupe, SE, and Selsi Optics.

What types of magnifiers and lenses do we carry?

Most of the magnifiers we carry are for inspection, although we also offer reading magnifiers as well. Depending on the job at hand is how you will determine which type of magnifier you will need, the power / magnification, and the size. For reading we offer hand held magnifiers and desk magnifiers. For inspecting line width and measuring we sell Peak scale loupes and optical comparators, as well as linen testers and pick glasses. For jewelry, art, geology lab - laboratory , field work, antique and art collectors , gemology, student school supplies, and manufacturing we offer folding teardrop magnifiers with or without led lights.

What is the largest 10X magnifier available?

    The largest 10X magnifier you can find that is not electronic, will be a 2” diameter lens. A rule to remember while shopping for your magnifier is that the higher up in power / magnification you go, the smaller the lens and product will become. Therefore a 1.5X or 2X magnifier will be the largest biggest diameter optical lens available. In a hand held magnifier that usually means the diameter will be 5”. As you move across the scale to 5X, 10X, 15X, and even 20X the optical lenses get smaller and smaller. If you are searching for low vision reading products and a 2 inch lens is not big enough for you, we highly recommend looking into buying electronic.

Where can I buy loupes and magnifiers in bulk?

    If you require large quantities of magnifiers we happily provide bulk quantity discounts. If the specific product page you are viewing does not have a link on the right under add to cart that says, “Buy in Bulk and save”, please do contact us for current discounts.


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