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Shipping Update, and future shipping outlook

Posted by Randi LeVine on 2/01/22

Yesterdays shipments included all Dry transfer lettering orders that were placed before 1/31/22, (except for backorder 19623).

The next batch of orders to ship between 2/2 and 2/3/2022 will be all inspection arrows, touch up brushes, registration pins, 

X-acto blades, and IVY breakaway blades, that were placed before 1/31/22. I am hoping to start LPI pen production this Friday. Those waiting on LPI pens

please be patient as all other orders were delayed the past few months trying to get the LPI pens out during the chip shortage. As the industry

corrects itself I plan on balancing the shipments out of products once again. I hope to get single edge razor blade orders and Litho tape orders

placed before today out by this Friday into Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Thank You